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A couple of highly recommended Jamstack talks.

October 21st, 2020
1 min read

So, a couple of weeks ago I attended the JamStack Conf 2020 which was held from 12am till 7am Malaysian time. Yep, I had an all nighter but it was not wasted, I watched great talks, and I also managed to win a small prize from one of their sponsors.

Anyways, they finally uploaded their talks to their youtube channel, but I wanted to highlight 2 talks which I thought really stood out in terms of relevance and practicality. The two videos are related to testing and web page frontend performance.

The first one is Oh, the Scripts we Load and is really a nice breakdown of how we are loading our JS and css scripts in html pages and how they perform differently.

The second one is Your Tests lack Vision which was an awesome talk on how to add automated tests for visual confirmation.

There are other interesting talks which I highly advise to go through especially if you deal with JAMstack apps.